Hello Everyone!

Let us start by introducing ourselves, Jake and Julie Ann Held. What started as a passionate hobby has flourished into a wonderful, husband and wife, photography service. While keeping this brief, let's start from the beginning...

Several years ago we were on a family vacation in Colorado, we only brought a small hand-held camcorder with us that had the ability to also take photos. After taking memorable photos with the family and breath taking landscape photos, we found that the image quality was sub-par at best. We decided this would never happen again and bought our first Nikon DSLR.

From there, our passionate hobby flourish into this wonderful photography service. From personal or family portraits, to large events and celebrations, we want to help you capture those special moments. So contact us today so we can start talking about how we can help keep those memories "Held In The Moment".

-Jake and Julie Ann Held

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