WEDDINGS! Fun, Romantic, Deep Roots with Tradition...and Stressful.
Let's chat about a few things that can remove the last part of the previous sentence, and keep your Wedding Experience 100% as you always DREAMED!

  1.  Two Photographers?: This remains 100% accurate with Held In The Moment Photography Wedding Packages; though, we are still ONE service. We are a Husband and Wife Team, we do not hire outside Photographers to join us as a Second Shooter. With that in mind, we have built our business around that concept. We BOTH have dual cameras on our person via a Camera Harness, that's a total of four (4) active cameras at your wedding! Each camera is setup a little differently so we are ready for every special moment of your big day. Sounds greatm, right? Well it is! On top of that, we even have back-up cameras on top of the active four (4) we have strapped to our person ready to go the entire day. What we don't offer is two (2) photography services. What we mean by that is we do not arrive with multiple vehicles, our back-up gear is shared, and we do not act as two (2) seperate services. Why are we sharing this? Well, for one (1) we prefer to be 100% transparent. Secondly, we've had Brides/Grooms in the past ask us to arrive at different locations (over an hour apart) or other requests that really would require a second photography service. While we DO have options for seperate vehicles if getting-ready locations are close but far enough apart; we kindly ask that you remember that you hired ONE (1) service with TWO (2) Photographers and not the other way around. If you have questions about this, let's chat!
  2. What is a Ideal Schedule for Wedding Photography: The schdedule will vary from wedding to wedding as they are all different. Even if you have your wedding at a certain wedding venue; you still have different guests, weather, decorations, and more. The schedule, regarding photography, will also vary based on what is most important to you. We always recommend what we call the 2-2-2 Rule. What's that you ask? The 2-2-2 Rule is something we made up, so don't feel bad for not knowing about it. The 2-2-2 Rule is this; two (2) hours before the ceremony for getting ready and detail photos, two (2) hours of the ceremony and family formals, then two (2) hours for dinner and reception. The two (2) hours before the ceremony allow us time to get those getting ready photos, decoration and detail photos before guests arrive, zipping of the dress, and more all without being rushed. Most ceremony's today, aside from special services in some religions, are about 15-25 minutes long followed by some greeting of guests and congratulations from family & friends. This leads us to where the Photographers kinda take over with poses, organizing friends & family, wedding party and those special portraits you and your partner will print and hang on your walls for decades to come. With all that, we need about 1.5 hours. The first 30-45 minutes is ideally for family and close friends. Followed by another 20-30 minutes for your Wedding Party, then ideally leaving no less than 30-40 minutes for the Formal Portraits of the Bride & Groom. PLEASE do not think you can do it in less time, you might be able to, but all your friends and family who have drinking may not be so quick. Not to mention everyone still wants to have FUN! Let your Wedding be just that, YOUR WEDDING. Otherwise it turns into a Photo/Video Commerical Production with everyone scrambling to get more photos or something in a unrealistic time frame.
  3. Experience: For most of you, this is and will be, your first and only Wedding. For us, we do over 30+ weddings a year. So please, when discussing your special day and what we need to ensure all the precious moments are captured, leave enough time in your Wedding Day Schedule. Remember you are hiring us for more than just photos. you are hiring our experience and knowledge of Weddings as well.
  4. Formal Family Photos: Formal Photos, everyone wants them, but no one wants to take them. You'll find this to be very true on your special day. Everyone wants the formal photos, but rarely do they want to sit and wait around to take them when the DJ has the recption going and the bar is open. With all the people we meet, memorable moments to capture, we have a system that has served us well. We ask that you inform EVERYONE that you would want a Formal/Family Photo with to group up and meet where we plan to do the Formal/Family Photos (ideally separated from the reception area to avoid distractions). From there we start with anyone disabled, eldery, short attention span, or otherwise. From there we move to immedate families on both sides, then all together. After family/friends are all done, we start with the wedding party. Before we dismiss each group once their photos are done, we ALWAYS ask if there was any combination of people we missed. Again, you have known your friends/family all/most of your life, we would have just met them. Going all out of order, waiting on people to get there for the photos, etc...those all just create room for mistakes or missed photos. After all the other friends/family got their photos with the Bride & Groom, or any other combination thereof, we finish with the Bride & Groom Portraits before their Grand Entrance. All of this takes about 1.5 - 2 hours, which is also outlibed above on FAQ ii with the Schedule for Wedding Photography.
  5. It's Vermont! Do you have a remote venue/location?: No problem at all! Please just let us know in advance so we can bring the proper vehicle for the conditions.
  6.  Drone: Drones are an amazing addition to our Photography Gear, giving new perspectives and fun photos. Though, they are regulated by the FAA. Please follow this link to review the current FAA Regulations and Drone use:
  7. Bride's Hair & Make-Up: Ladies, when you are getting ready before the big ceremony...please, don't be the first or last to get their  hair & make-up done. If you are first to get it all done, you are also the first to have it all start fading (hair falling down, make-up wearing off, etc). On the flip side if you are last, you may want changes done before you head to walk down the aisle. Those adjustments take time just like everything else. So being somewhere in the middle works best from our experience.
  8. Tan LinesWe are Photographers, not Digital Artists. With that said, we aim to get it right in camera. If you have a strapless dress, but like to tan or hit the beach, please watch for tan lines. We do not Photoshop out Tan Lines. Just look at your arm as you read this, look at how many skin tones are on just your forearm. Please ensure your tan lines match your dress to avoid distracting Tan Lines.
  9. Tattoos: If you have any Tattoo's that you do not want in your photos; please ensure to wear clothing that covers them, use make-up, or have them removed medically. Again, we are Photographers and not Digital Artists. We do not remove tattoos in post editing.
  10. Day-Of Schedule: The week of the wedding we send a questionnaire to discuss and lock in all these final details. While we are always available with any questions or advice on your schedule, sending multiple copies back & forth over months or years only opens the door for miscommunication. Therefore, we send the questionnaire the week of the big day to ensure we have the most accurate information, and prevent any miscommunications over months/years of chatting back and forth with new updates and changes.
  11. Free Engagement Photos: Yes, of course our wedding packages come with FREE Engagement Photos. Though, if you wish to take advantage of that special offer, please do not wait. With over 30+ weddings a year, that's also 30+ Engagement Photos and most of you will all want them around the same time, Summer/Fall. This means dates/times for Engagement Photos are limited so we kindly ask that you do not delay in booking these to ensure we have availabilty and around the time of year you want.
  12. How Fast Do You We Turn Around Photos?: 28 Days (aka: 4 Weeks) from Balance Received or After Your Wedding (pending payment plan).
  13. How Far Do You Travel?: Pretty much anywhere, we even do destination weddings. Though, our standard wedding packages cover 100 miles from Milton, VT included with your wedding package. Yes we will certainly travel further; though, then travel fees will apply.
  14. Formal Dances and Photos: Daddy Daughter Dance, Mother Son Dance, First Dance and more! These dances are memorable, so take a moment, smile and look at our cameras during the dance for a few good shots. If you only look at friends/family cell phones, then you won't have any from professional photos from us. So be sure to look at our cameras a few times for memorable photos together.